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Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you have [some dance] listed?

One of two reasons. Either it falls outside the criteria I use to choose dances or I just haven't added it yet. In the first case, you are welcome to for its inclusion. In the second case, about it and I'll try to get it added to the database.

How can I suggest a new link to add?

If the link is related to a particular dance, dance style, creator, or primary source, the best way is to use the "Suggest A Link" feature from the relevant detail page. If the link's subject is not already in the database, or if it points to a large collection of individual links, you can me the details.

Why don't you link directly to mp3 files?

I link to albums rather than directly to individual files for several reasons. First, it's a lot easier. Second, it gives more information about the source of the recording. Third, the album link generally includes information about copyright for the recordings.

How do I get back to the home page?

Click on the "Renaissance Dance Database" logo in the upper left hand corner.


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